The Peaceful Children’s Homes


Le Cambodge fait face encore à la pauvreté et aux autres enjeux du développement. Les «Foyers des enfants de la paix» continuent à offrir un environnement stable et stimulant à plus de 110 filles et garçons qui ont été rendus orphelins, abandonnés ou sauvés de la rue. Sous forme d’une grande famille, les Foyers offrent aux enfants un environnement sécuritaire et chaleureux dans lesquels ils peuvent agrandir. Bien que les conditions dans les foyers sont modestes, l’accent est mis sur des valeurs telles que le partage, l’autonomie et l’éthique. Les enfants fréquentent des écoles locales, apprennent la musique traditionnelle cambodgienne et la danse, et peuvent poursuivre des études professionnelles ou universitaires. Une récente évaluation à l’échelle nationale a reconnu Les Foyers des enfants de la paix comme une institution ayant une côte très élevée pour la gestion de l’établissement et pour l’éducation et la formation dispensée aux enfants.

The Peaceful Children’s Homes were created in the aftermath of the devastating Khmer Rouge period (1975-79) and the subsequent Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia (1979-91), both of which saw many Cambodians seek refuge outside of the country. Following the Paris Peace Agreement (1991), Cambodia began to recover from over a decade of war and conflict. To the concern of humanitarian organizations, such as UNICEF, large numbers of unaccompanied children, returning from refugee camps in Thailand, were in need of survival assistance.  In 1994, two prominent Cambodians, Son Sann and his son, Son Soubert, responded by providing the land and basic facilities that became the Peaceful Children’s Homes – one in Battambang, on the Thai border, the other in Kandal Province, outside the capital, Phnom Penh.

Cambodia still struggles with poverty and development challenges. The Peaceful Children’s Homes continue to provide a permanent and nurturing environment to over 110 girls and boys who have been orphaned, abandoned or rescued from the street.  Functioning like a big family, the Homes provide the children with a safe and warm environment in which to grow up.  Although conditions in the Homes are modest, emphasis is placed on values such as sharing, self-reliance and ethics.  The children attend local schools, learn traditional Cambodian music and dance, and may go on to technical studies or university. A recent country-wide evaluation gave the Peaceful Children’s Homes a very high rating for the education and training provided to the children, as well as for management.

We are pleased to support the Peaceful Children’s Homes through this fund-raising initiative.  All proceeds from the concert and silent auction will go directly to the Homes, to be used in the area of greatest need, in food, education and health.  Emphasis is also placed on working toward food self-sufficiency, to allow the Homes to become more self-sustainable over time.